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Building a library can be expensive, and I have been aspiring to do just that for many years but money is scarce from time to time and although I keenly know the value of investing in oneself, sometimes that can be delayed by bills, financial emergencies, and many other things to the like. All of this fuss over books! I had even come to the point of having to decide between a really good book or whether to get snacks to last me through the work week.

Until I found this awesome site that sells books for such cheap prices, I just want to kick myself for not finding it sooner. There are so many books that I’ve wanted but refused to buy them because it just wasn’t practical for my budget. This site offers the lowest shipping rates on the Web: free shipping in the USA, and $3.97 shipping worldwide. They can offer these great rates because, unlike most other online used booksellers, they have all of our used books physically in stock. At any one time, around 2.7 million books are on the shelves of their Indiana warehouse.

Here are a few books that I was seeking after that have been sitting on my Amazon wish list for forever:

Arts & Photography Used Literature & Fiction Books Romance novels

Summer’s Reading! Shop Our Bestsellers!

Although Amazon carries books from this site, it is a relief to know that you wont have to put up with

Fund Literacy, Care for the Environment

Amazon’s pesky shipping fees that can become very inconvenient if you don’t pay for a prime membership.

After all, speaking of Amazon, Better World Books is an online-only bookseller, and provide outstanding customer service from my experience. They have over 750,000 positive feedbacks on with a 96% seller rating and over 350,000 positive feedbacks on with a 99.1% seller rating. And they sell to a large and growing number of satisfied customers through their own website

Furthermore, if you are also interested in building your own personal library or if you are working very hard on your personal self development, I really encourage you to check out this site and start ordering away, I know I did!

~ The Acaiah

Browse New & used children’s books!

Save up to 90% on textbooks by buying used.

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