6 Forcing Flower Bulb Species

IG Credit: genialtricks.de

Basic Wax Instructions

  1. Soak Amaryllis bulb in lukewarm water for 4-8 hours.
  2. Cut off the roots, including the basal plate.
  3. Let the bulb dry for a few hours.
  4. Melt wax (I used old candle stubs but if you don’t have those use some paraffin wax) over low heat.
  5. Paint or dip the wax on the Amaryllis bulbs from the neck down covering the sides and base.
  6. Decorate your bulb as you wish
  7. Place the bulbs in a warm area of the house to encourage growth.

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Easy Indoor Species to Force Grow for Beginners:

Average bloom times listed below. Check your plant tags for specific timing and instructions:

BulbWeeks of
Weeks to Bloom after
Pre-chilling and Planting
Mini Daffodil15-172-317-20
No-Chill Bulbs Weeks to Bloom
Paper Whites3-5
AmaryllisTiming varies check your tag

A Few Inspiring Ideas

IG: cchomeandgarden
IG: barbie_dubois Amaryllis

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