Unique Potting Ideas

IG. | @ed.decora
IG pic credit | @andreearalucarau

Found this nice cereal bowl. I think it goes perfectly with my adorable succulents and the cute mini cactus 🌵🌵🌵.

IG pic credit | @dandycherie

He’s a happy fish now.

IG pic credit | @kathy13nana

Just finished the new big wooden planter box I love it so many Beautiful succulents in this one 😍😀😊👍👌💚

Show a broken flower pot some TLC.
IG pic credit | @tylerthrasherart

I’m here to bring you the juiciest and best plant content I can muster. The Aizoaceae family is one of my favorite categories of plants out there. This includes genera like Lithops, cheiridopsis, antimima and so on. These plants adapted to survive very harsh and volatile conditions. This is even true for their offspring. The seed pod on a mesemb plant is designed to stay completely shut during the dry season. They’re also very rigid and hard with very little that can break them open. The locules will open when they come in contact with moisture, meaning the plant will only sow its seed during the growing season when the rains come in! Here is a time lapse of a Cheiridopsis from my greenhouse that I dripped some water on! Enjoy.

yoga mats from Society6

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