4 Ways To Look Look Like A Million Bucks on a Budget

Accessories are Key

One thing I’ve noticed with all my outfits even if I felt a little flimsy that day is that accessories have definitely kept me from feeling like a cheap mess. the only way an accessory didn’t help is when it was tarnished, or had a dirty film around it from sitting in my accessory drawer a little too long. If you are someone who can’t quite yet afford good quality pieces, you’ll notice yourself switching out old to new pieces you recently just purchased at the local beauty supply shop pretty often. I understand, I used to do this all the time until I realized, when I finally started to invest in good sturdy sterling silver or at least a some karats of gold. I ended up saving myself a lot of money. Doing this, I realized jewelry lasted longer and that meant fewer switch outs. Another thing I became aware of as I got older is that cheap jewelry is something I was able to distinguish on other people. So if I was able to realize this, then I’m sure other people who brought the finer things in life were also able to easily distinguish this as well. Other things, like cropped jackets, cashmere sweaters, and good quality scarfs distract and add flare to your otherwise not so flattering garments. These items can help with the finalized luxury look your going for. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on accessory items, there are plenty of good items for not so bad prices. Some pieces can be found on Amazon.com, discount, and thrift stores. Last tip is to keep it simple, too many blinged out and flashy pieces can easily get you back on the cheap trash train.

Stay Away From These 5 Fabrics

Listen, some of the fabrics I’m going to mention here is not something we all may be able to agree with, but I’m not saying to completely cut them out. Fabrics made of Rayon, polyester, acrylic, nylon, and viscose are not recommended. My great aunt once said “If someone buys you polyester they don’t love you.” That has literally always stuck with me, and not knowing if it was a joke or not, I took her statement seriously but it’s not completely true. Especially considering the turtle necks she brought for me and my sisters every Christmas. I’ve had some items purchased for me and some I’ve brought for myself that I loved and later realized had a percentage of polyester in it. That is when I had to disregarded her statement. I noticed that it’s okay to have a percentage of these synthetic fabrics in your clothes and still they can look like luxury. But the major percentage of fabric you want in your clothes is a natural fabric like suede, cotton, or linen..these fabrics hold up well over time and still look good after a few washes. You don’t want to look like your wearing a drape, instead you want something that hugs your curves or hangs proportionately with your other garments.

Be Creative

I remember my mother throwing fashion shows for our church when I was a bit younger. I remember I came up with one of the most creative outfits for the walk section of creative wear, meaning you had to create your own outfit. This was the first ever cut and sow I’d ever done. It wasn’t hard, in fact to me it was super simple to make. I thought to myself, ‘I could be starting a new trend with this outfit.’ All I did was take a pair blue army camouflage spandex pants, which I hated, cut off one half of one pant leg, and the other pant leg I was able to fit around my upper body like a shirt. The piece I cut off the shirt, I sowed into the thigh area of an old pair of jeans. It was so cute, everyone kept asking if I made it or did I buy it that way. I say all that to say this, its not hard to be creative, especially if you’ve been randomly creative your whole life. Sometimes you may go to a bargain store and see a shirt or a skirt you really like but unfortunately it’s too big for you. These are unique items so you know there’s no searching for your size, there’s only one of each. Well, not all is lost, if its to big or you just seem to be really drawn to the nice fabric. I challenge you to buy it, take it home, and look up some You-Tube territorials on how to take in a garment or if Pintrest has some awesome cut outs for that spare fabric you found. You can try to make a shirt or some flowy pants out of it. You’ll never know what your good at, until you give it a try. Put your mind to the challenge and try something new. It could save you money and you’ll end up having a custom made outfit.


I have to say shoes could be the most challenging part of your outfit to convince people your made of money, especially if your not into wearing hills. Shoes either make or brake the whole thing so we have to be careful when it comes to selecting the shoes. I’ve heard point shoes can give off the impression that you know a thing or two about fashion. I might agree lately I found that rounder shoes give off a cheaper impression. I am so mad that Payless is gone because I could get some really nice looking shoes from there. There was even an experiment where they asked woman to guess the more expensive shoe and a lot of woman guessed the Payless shoe. Anyway now that Payless is off the market, some good quality shoes can be found at the following discount stores: TJ Max, Ross, and Burlington Coat factory….most times these shoes are cheap but branded. The best deals I could’ve asked for were all found in one of these stores. You want a shoe that holds firmly to your foot, not too tight and not too loose. You don’t want anything with gapes in the wrong places, or something that looks extremely uncomfortable to wear. If you have unattractive shoes you must wear, or you notice something cheap about them that you cant quite point out. Hide them! Never wear skinny jeans or a short skirt with them, you want a pant that can drape over. You want to go for shoes with a nice classy buckle especially on boots, soft leathers, and even if your able to invest in good quality leather, it may be a little stiff at first but it will eventually soften over time and mold to the shape of your foot. It’s almost as if leather shoes can never be mistaken for cheap shoes.


Why Even Try?

Most people will ask themselves the question, why even try too look expensive? Why not just be yourself? Just embrace what you have and who cares what your wearing. This is true to a certain degree. If your in a place in your life where it’s not so much about impressing other people, but you don’t want to throw off the people your trying to surround yourself with. Like myself, I am at a stage in my life where I am putting aside friends who have no ambitions and are comfortable with their mediocre lifestyles. They are the friends have no interest in financial literacy and are what I observe as continuing on a generational cycle, which is work until you die. The point of all this is to attract the opposite type of person. Note that your influence in life comes from who you surround yourself with. Fake your outfit till you make it sure, but continue to always be you.

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